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The Forest Found Us

Howdy Everyone! We are Michael and Brandi Matthews, a couple from Los Angeles who now own a Camp Ground (WHAT?!) with my Mother and are living in the Plumas National Forest way up in the Lost Sierra Mountains. We wanted to catch all of our friends and family up on what’s been going on with us since our massive move, but also introduce ourselves to any new friends that would like following along on this journey of ours. We still can’t believe we live up in the Lost Sierra’s shoveling our cars out of the snow and are no longer sun bathing under the LA Sun. It’s definitely been a major lifestyle change but we could not pass up such an opportunity for an adventure like this!

We’ll try to get a weekly video out each week, so ya’ll can keep up with the our Camp’s progress and see what it’s like to work as a couple and run a family business. Thanks for watching!

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17 thoughts on “The Forest Found Us

  1. Aunt Tee Dawg says:

    I love you story
    I love you two
    I love your vision
    I love you to come see m
    I love ur face
    I love your door
    I love your love

  2. Aunt Tee Dawg says:

    My forest found you first, then ya had to go get ur own!!!
    Good on ya mates…
    Sending you magical energy for this wonderful journey your on.
    Much love

    1. Your forrest did find us first aunt Tee Dawg! You are our inspiration of course!

  3. John Rock says:

    Really happy for you guys and wish you unending success. Brandi, if you want to keep the campground safe, you better leave that father of yours locked in his trailer and only let him out at night.

  4. Terri Chance says:

    We live in Reno and camped at Sierra Springs Trailer Resort for many years. When it changed hands to the RV Resort we stopped camping there. I am so excited to see all the changes you are making. Have already sent a group text to our camping buddies. We will be contacting you to make camping reservations.

    Welcome to the forest !
    The Chances

    1. Oh wow you must have some history here! We’d love to host you and get your feedback on what we are creating here. Thanks so much for the kind words and we look forward to speaking with and hopefully meeting you!

      The Matthews’

  5. Mitzi says:

    CONGRATS!! I love and miss you both!! This is Dezi on Nana’s IPad. I will be there this Summer and stay a week or two! Love you!!


  6. Dezi Berry says:

    HI!!!!!!!!! Uncle Michael and Auntie Brandi I miss you and love you!!!!! I´m glad that it is coming together and I will try and be there this summer!!!

    LOVE YOU BOTH!!! -Dezi

    1. We miss and love you too kiddo! Can’t wait to see you again!

  7. Dennis Day says:

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  8. Dennis Day says:

    Moderated comment : … I would enjoy constructing another Giant Dream catcher @ this resort ! My Mother and Dad were from the area ! … My Catcher story is @ “Happy Camp Dream catcher reborn 4th of July”
    Sincerely Dennis @

  9. Elton & Sandy Williams says:

    Hello Brandi and Michael we stayed there last year. I’m friends with Dheila since high school don’t know if you remember us. Your story is beautiful. What a beautiful woman you turned out to be. I remember you as a baby. We will definitely have to come out and see the changes. ♡♡ Sandy & Elton Williams

  10. Thank you so much! You have to come visit us this year and see all the improvements!

  11. Joe Perez, Jr. says:

    Hello! We used to spend about four weeks a year at your campground. Of course this was way before it was sold. As a young boy I lived in Portola and Delleker for approximately ten years. I can’t think of a better area than the place you are now to own a family business and raise a family. I have so many wonderful memories of the area.I babble too much. Just wishing you both success and hoping all works out for you. I shoot Traditional archery and think it’s fantastic that you will have a range.

    1. Thanks so much Joe!

      Don’t be a stranger and come visit us anytime. We’d love to host you again.

      Thanks again!


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