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Cuz I’m Tree…Tree Faaaalllllin’

When we decided to take over this Camp Ground we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Everything here is super outdated and there were a lot of hidden issues that we found needed to be urgently addressed, like these trees. We had a grove of about 20 trees located right in the center of our community camping space that unfortunately had “The Beetle!” Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of this creepy crawly insect is to cut the trees down and burn the bark where the beetles live. If the trees aren’t addressed, the beetle will spread throughout the other trees and infect our Forest. We waited until the ground was completely covered in snow so that way when we did cut them down, if they ran out of the wood, they would just freeze to death and not run to our other trees.


As sad as it was to see all these magnificent trees come down, it was equally as rad and thrilling! We have a Woodmizer saw mill (who we call Woody) on our property so all of the wood has gone into building our new Trading Post!

We were lucky enough to meet two really awesome tree fallers, Richard and Justin, who made this experience so much fun while keeping us all super safe. The science behind making the massive trees fall where you wish is quite astonishing to us city folk.

Michael was trying to get the perfect shot so Richard would have him stand just a little past where the tree was going to fall and that was super scary! Well, for me it was, Michael is a little thrill seeker and was perfectly fine. We even have some footage of the tree falling right next to Michael and it literally brushed his shoulder.

What’s hilarious about this is that he was trying to get a really awesome shot and it was probably the scariest position to be in when he realized his battery on his camera died right when it was falling. Luckily I was standing a few yards behind him and still got some cool footage of it falling beside him. The hardest part of this entire thing was de-limbing all of the fallen trees and moving everything into piles to clean up the space. I don’t think I worked that hard in my life, ever. We are now going to use this new open space we have to build a sand volleyball pit and corn hole stations for all of our campers to enjoy!

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